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Dear Prospective Acquisition Candidates:
DAE Systems / Dynamic – Air Inc. is a third generation family owned business that has continuously operated since 1942. The business is the family and the family is the business. The family has members and customers around the world. We care very deeply about those we do business with.
DAE Systems has been very successful at growing year over year by maintaining its core values. We invite you to review these values as defined by our CEO on this web page. Some of our growth is organic. As we strive to deliver high quality products our customers have rewarded us with return business and new opportunities. Likewise, some of our growth has come through careful acquisition. Often the owners of acquired companies stay on and continue to manage the business for us on a salaried basis.
DAE is always in the market for future acquisitions. Currently we are focused on opportunities in Europe and the United States. If you have a business in these areas that meets our screening criteria and are interested in selling we invite you to let us know by sending us a short email with some pertinent information. Our initial screening criteria are:
  • Annual revenue ranges $2M to $10M U.S.
  • Cash Flow Positive or verifiable plan for positive within 6 months
  • 5 years or more auditable financial statements
  • A good culture match to our core values
  • High probability to retain employees after transaction
  • Prefer owner operators but will consider clean corporate deals
  • No outstanding environmental or legal liabilities
  • Niche Products or Services
We look forward to hearing from those who may be interested in joining the Morrison family business.
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5 November, 2013
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15 - 18 September, 2015
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