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DAE Systems Acquires Colston Engineering Services, Ltd.

SANTA ANA, 15 May, 2013 - DAE Systems Group announced today it has completed the acquisition of Colston Engineering Services, Ltd.

DAE Systems, parent company of Dynamic-Air Engineering, concluded its search in the Southern United Kingdom for a manufacturing partner or strategic acquisition by acquiring Colston Engineering Services, Ltd. Colston will manufacture all of DAE-UK's designs for the European market. Product development for European military applications is conducted at DAE-UK's Belfast Engineering Office. Commercial and industrial product design and development will still be performed at the DAE home office in Santa Ana, USA.

Colston has over 40 years of experience manufacturing for the various British Government agencies: UK Highways Agency; the London Underground Tube Lines; Nuclear Containment Vessels and the British MOD. Colston is currently ISO9000 registered. Colston is upgrading its quality system to AS9100(C), which is the same quality system for the rest of DAE Systems.

By acquiring Colston, DAE Systems will not only gain the capability to produce legacy product in the UK, but also entry into other markets not currently served by Colston or DAE Systems. Jeremy Morrison of DAE Systems said, "The acquisition of Colston Engineering Services Ltd will strengthen both the design capability and manufacturing capacity of the DAE Systems Group of companies and enable them to be competitive in the marketplace for decades to come."

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